The BEAUWHITE story is actually based on a simple observation. It is only natural to “look” and “feel” older as one age, and this is more evident in women. Intrigued, BEAUWHITE’s research and development team made efforts to understand why certain women maintain their youthful looks even though they live active lifestyles. Their energies are comparable to even younger individuals. Why? If one didn’t know better, it would seem like they didn’t age but like a butterfly, they seem to be able to renew their looks.

In Japan, most of the women will consume L-Glutathione to maintain the optimum condition for their skins. Now with BEAUWHITE, women can now easily absorb L-Glutathione and other natural goodies onto their bodies. It makes the skin renew faster and more effectively to become perfect without flaws, achieving what is know as “Zero Blemish Skin”.

BEAUWHITE Product Feature

  • L-Glutathione once consumed would be stored in the empty spaces between these “springs” to strengthening the dermis layer, thus plumping up the skin.
  • Growth Factor Concentrate can help boost the immune system, accelerate the healing of injuries and have an anti-aging effect with high availability.
  • Collagen Peptide K can increase the moisture content of skin; improve the skin condition and flexibility (roughness, wrinkles & scaliness).

  • BEAUWHITE Product Advantage

  • L-Glutathione is a powerful antioxidant.
  • It can help to eliminate free radical agents that cause signs of aging, melanin and skin dullness.
  • This is a portable high-concentration product.

  • BEAUWHITE Product Benefit

  • Its AMINO ACIDS help in cell renewal and skin whitening.
  • Provides excellent UV protection for smoother, fairer skin.
  • Promotes firmer skin on breast and face.
  • Reduces wrinkles and fine lines.

  • BEAUWHITE 来自一个简单的观察,女性会随着岁月流逝而凋萎。因此,BEAUWHITE 的研发团竭尽所能地探讨,为何一些女性完全不受自然老化的影响,肌肤看起来仍然像年轻时挺实及充满光泽。她们不仅没有随着岁月凋萎,反而是破蛹重生,再绽美姿。

    在日本,大部分女性都会补充大量的谷胱甘肽,以维持肌肤的最佳状态。如今,我们也可通过 BEAUWHITE,每天轻易地吸收谷胱甘肽及其它精纯天然成分,使肌肤的修复更新过程更快速有效,最后创造零瑕疵肌肤。

    BEAUWHITE 产品的特点

  • 谷胱甘肽一旦被摄取,就会贮藏在“弹簧”之间的空隙并开始吸收,润湿及加强真皮层,继而抚平肌肤。
  • 浓缩生长因子可增强免疫系统,加速伤口的愈合及起抗老化作用。
  • 胶原蛋白缩胺酸能增强肌肤水分,改善肌肤状况和肌肤的弹性 (粗糙,皱纹及鳞片质)。

  • BEAUWHITE 产品优势

  • 谷胱甘肽是一种超强的抗氧化剂。
  • 可清除自由基并抑制黑色素生成与沉淀。
  • 是一种方便携带的高浓缩饮品。


  • 其氨基酸帮助细胞更生及美百肌肤。
  • 有助于防御紫外线的侵害,使肌肤透亮滑稽。
  • 紧致和强化胸部与脸部肌肤。
  • 有助于抚平皱纹。
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