D’Tone & D’Green

D’Tone and D’Green are 100% natural food which not only effectively decomposes food but help to normalize metabolism in the human body. You need not purposely carry out physical exercise, diet or consume specific food to lose fats.
D’Tone and D’Green are your choices of holistic slimming enzyme food!

D’ Tone

D’Tone Product Feature

  • White kidney bean can prevent us from absorb the heat of starch. Frequent use can help to generate kidney functions.
  • Garcinia Cambogia can prevent and burn excessive fat without affecting the central nervous system.
  • Various fruit enzyme helps to prevent blood alkalinity and promote better metabolic system while decompose the structure of starch and protein.
  • Psyllium husk is the natural source of plan fiber which promote better metabolic system. It is rich in Vitamin C which contains 17 times more Vitamin C if compare with strawberry.

  • D’ Tone Product Advantage

  • 100% natural, no additives and chemical, no disturbance for central nervous system.
  • This is a supplementary food therefore you may continue your normal diet while the slimming progress.
  • This product contains rich enzyme which can stimulate body function and fattening.

  • D’Tone Product Benefit

  • Increase metabolic rate, burn excessive body fat
  • Activate fatty acid, prevent fat accumulation
  • Balancing the endocrine system, it helps to reduce the chance of oedema.

  • D’Green

    D’Green Product Feature

  • Pectin can stop fat absorption in our body and help to prevent heart related diseases, while helping to balance up the sugar level in  your blood.
  • Pineapple powder can improve the kidney function; It is the alternative sauce for anti-inflammation which can improve the
    immune system as well.
  • Green tea has the function of anti-oxidization, anti-bacteria, anti-virus and prevents us from any tumor related diseases. Besides,
    it also helps to balance the blood sugar level.
  • Aloe Vera is extremely effective in avoiding constipation. It helps to remove accumulated feces easily.
  • Chlorella can increase our metabolic rate while protecting our immune system by removing the body toxin.

  • D’Green Product Advantage

  • Quality slimming and body detoxify product, improve the immune system and balance the blood alkalinity.
  • Without any drug. Hence, there is no side effect towards our body.
  • Helps to generate body functions.
  • It contains healthy nutrients and anti-inflammation, leads u to the healthy slimming process.

  • D’Green Product Benefit

  • Decompose body toxin and or easier nutrient absorption.
  • Encourage bowel movement, remove accumulated feces and avoid constipation.
  • Help to normalize body function, anti-inflammation and destroy free radical.

  • Directions on the consumption of D’Tone & D’Green:

    D’Tone : 1 packet in the morning (before food)

    D’Green : 1 packet in the afternoon or before bed.

    Mix D’Tone or D’Green with 300ml of water at room temperature and drink.

    D’Tone 和 D’Green 是100%天然食物,它不但可以有效分解食物,更可以幫助人体維持正常的新陈代謝。無須刻意运动,节食或选食,并有效減去体脂肪。
    D’Tone 和 D’Green 全方案的瘦身酵素餐,是您对的选择!

    D’ Tone

    D’Tone 产品的特点

  • 白芸豆可阻断人体吸收淀粉类产生熱量,经常食用,有效健脾补肾。
  • 藤黃果能夠防止多余脂肪的形成,促進体內脂肪的燃烧。
  • 多种水果酵素不仅平衡体内的酸碱度,提高体內新陈代謝的重要成份,还能將淀粉与蛋白的消化及分解,抑制脂肪的囤积。
  • 针叶櫻桃是天然抗氧化剂,維持正常的新陈代謝,是目前世界上已知維他命c最丰富的來源,又称維生素c之王,其富含的維他命c是草莓的17倍,柠檬的35倍。

  • D’Tone 产品优势

  • 纯天然成分,绝无添加有害物质或药物,因此不会抑制中枢神经。
  • 此产品并非代餐,无须忍受减肥过程中的痛苦。正常吃喝的同时将进行减肥作用。
  • 此产品运用酵素活性,刺激身体恢复原有的机能。不易复胖,达到自然瘦身的效果。

  • D’Tone 带给人体的效益

  • 提高人类的新陈代谢,加快体内脂肪的燃烧量。
  • 促进脂肪酵素的活性,抑制脂肪的囤积。
  • 调节内分泌,有效促进排水以消除水肿体质。

  • D’Green

    D’Green 产品的特点

  • 果胶能抑制饮食中的油脂吸收,预防心血管疾病并帮助血糖调节。
  • 菠萝酵素能强化肾脏机能,是天然的抗发炎替代药物,它还可缓解治疗胃肠溃疡及其它发炎部位。
  • 绿茶具有抗氧化,抗菌,抗肿瘤,抗病毒,抑制低密度脂蛋白与血糖上升功效。
  • 芦荟能有效改善便秘问题,促进宿便的排出。
  • 藻绿能促进新陈代谢,可以正常化免疫系统并有效清除血液毒素。

  • D’Green 产品的优势

  • 兼顾减肥与排毒,刺激身体免疫机能调节,平衡身体酸碱值。
  • 不含任何药物,不会对人体造成抑制或产生副作用。
  • 此产品能让身体自醒,恢复自主运作机能。
  • 减肥的同时,帮您兼顾营养吸收及抗发炎,达成健康减重,没有病态。

  • D’Green 带给人体的效益

  • 有效排除由农药,重金属等所带来的毒素,增强体内对营养的吸收量。
  • 增加肠胃的蠕动,排除宿便,解决便秘问题。
  • 帮助免疫系统恢复正常化,消除身体发炎,消除自由基。

  • D’Tone 及 D’Green 服食方法:

    D’Tone :早 (餐前) 一包

    D’Green:午/晚 (睡前) 一包

    用300ml的室温水搅匀D’Tone 或 D’Green后服下。