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The Miracle Power of CHIA SEED

Centuries ago, CHIA SEED are already known in the South West of America to people like the Mexican Indians. It is one of their main food sources that are consumed for it’s high energy and filling effect. It was even given a special name – long distance running food! As it provided easy meals on the go for their messengers. In this recent decade, US scientists discovered CHIA SEED provide nutrients that are comparable to the F.A.O (Food and Agriculture Organization) and W.H.O (World Health Organization)’s recommended daily intake standards. The agriculture and nutritional bodies have recommended a lot of books on CHIA SEED and its miraculous qualities. This small seed is fast becoming the world’s best natural whole food and the only one which is consumed for health and weight loss.

Something You must know!

CHIA SEEDS Contains Omega-3!

We must take Omega-3 everyday in order to help our body to grow healthy.CHIA SEEDS contains the most Omega-3 among oil seeds. Every 100g CHIA SEEDS contains 19.3g of Omega-3.

Research shown Omega-3 helps to improve blood flow and coagulation, endocrine production and nutrient absorption for healthy skin cell and nerve growth. DHA can stimulate the linkage of brain cells, helps children to stay smart, improve our memory and help us to stay young and happy!

Benefits of CHIA SEEDS

  • Help in weight loss.
  • Control Diabetes.
  • Improve heart health.
  • Provide energy
  • Anti-aging
  • Helps with constipation

  • The miracle of CHIA SEEDS

  • Omega-3 content is 8 times more than Salmon fish.
  • Calcium is 6 times more than milk.
  • Iron is 6 times more than spinach.
  • Fibre is 9.8 times more than rice.
  • Potassium is 2 times more than bananas.

  • 奇异籽



    几个世纪以前,奇异籽就已经成为西南美洲和墨西哥印第安人的主食之一。其高能量及高耐饿的特点让它获得“长跑食物”的美誉。近十年来,美国科学家发现,奇异籽提供的营养和世界农粮组织 (FAO) 及卫生世界组织 (WHO) 所推荐的现代人营养摄入标准正好一样。另一方面,美国的农业及营养专家也纷纷退出了奇异籽的专着,揭示了奇异籽的神奇与秘密,让这颗小小的种籽被越来越多人认定为唯一兼具保健及减肥作用的全体然健康食物。



    Omega-3 是不能储存在身体内备用,因此必须每天吸收,才能让身体机能正常运作。而奇异籽的Omega-3 含量为所有种籽中最高,每100克奇异籽就有19.3的Omega-3 。



  • 辅助减肥
  • 控制糖尿病
  • 增强心脏
  • 提供能量
  • 延缓老化
  • 舒缓便秘

  • 奇异籽的奇异特色

  • Omega-3含量是三文鱼的8倍
  • 钙含量是牛奶的6倍
  • 铁含量是菠菜的6倍
  • 食物纤维是大米的9.8倍
  • 钾含量是香蕉的2倍
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