About Obesity | 關於肥胖

Over the years, WE BEAUTY created the great improvement successfully. We hold the objective of educate the public about the important of healthy living.

Obesity is the cause of all chronic disorders!

•The risk of getting high blood pressure is 3 times greater than normal people.
•The risk of getting stroke is is 2 times greater than normal people.
•The risk of getting gall stone is 7 times greater than normal people.
•The risk of getting breast cancer or cervical cancer is 3 times greater than normal people.
•The causes of obesity are from the depression, diseases, metabolism disorders, lack of exercise, unhealthy diet, genetic disorder, medication or drugs and other factors.

Thus, are you overweight? Let’s try this obese test!

Just click the link below,

key in your weight and height, and there u go! 🙂


Just a small tips!

To calculate BMI in the waist. According to research, the more fat accumulated around the waist, the greater opportunity to get obesity related diseases. If a male with 90kg of weight (35″ waist) or female who has 80kg of weight (31″ waist), this is the group who is easy to get diabetics, high blood pressure, heart related diseases or other diseases.

這些年來,WE BEAUTY 創下的成功紀錄和蓬勃發展的增長。我們一向秉持灌輸及教育群眾擁有正確的保健理念為宗旨。


  • 比正常人罹患高血壓的機率超過3倍,中風的機率要高出兩倍多。
  • 糖尿病發病率比正常體重人士高出3倍,罹患膽結石機率高出7倍
  • 罹患乳癌和子宮頸癌的機會比正常人高出約2倍。
  • 肥胖成因可能來自心裡因素,疾病,基礎代謝率,體能活動量少,不規律飲食習慣,遺傳或藥物引起的肥胖或內分泌失調等。

  • 所以,你過胖了嗎?先來測試自己的體重指數吧!


    參考標準: 體重過低 = <18.5
    體重正常 = 18.5 – 23.9
    超重 = 24.0 – 26.9
    肥胖 = 27

    另一種評估肥胖的方法為腰圍。根據研究顯示,腹部脂肪過多者,較容易發生於肥胖有關的疾病;若男性的腰圍超過90公分 (35吋),女性腰圍超過80超過公分 (31吋) 這類人容易罹患第二型糖尿病,高血壓,血脂異常或心臟血管疾病。